Going slow. And faster.

by Volker Weber

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I have been cutting back on walking for the last two weeks. From 17 km a day down to 10 km. I am shooting for 10k steps a day, sometimes I end up with more. I am filling up on the bike which puts less stress on the legs.

Anyway, still doing perfect weeks on Apple Watch Activity, the move streak is now at 135 days w/ 600 cals. The last day with less than 10k steps was October 21, 2014. In ten days I will have completed a year with over 10k steps each and every day.

6000 km in less than a year. Next year will be a lot less walking and a whole lot more on the bike. The dog has gotten so strong, she demands more speed.


Hi Volker, congratulations for achieving your targets (in a continous way, that's the hardest thing!)

If you would like some thoughts for the bike thing, just let me know, happy to give my experience.

All the best, great start into the week - Matthias

Matthias Lorz, 2015-10-12

Thanks, yes, achieving those goals every single day is paramount. I need the routine.

How I ride the bike is dictated by the dog. She is extremely fast and can run very long distances by now. But she has to manage her body temperature. That basically means the colder it is, the further and faster we can go. Being active has not only transformed me, but also her.

Volker Weber, 2015-10-12

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