iPhone 6S Plus :: Everything has changed :: Everything is the same

by Volker Weber


I have been using a new iPhone 6S Plus instead of a 6 Plus, and it feels exactly the same. I know the internals have changed a lot, but it makes no difference to me at all. Notable differences should be:

Long story, short: if you have an iPhone 6 Plus with enough memory, you should be happy. If you don't have an iPhone 6 Plus with enough memory, get one. Or get a 6S Plus. You should be happy, either way.

The camera upgrade was forced by the market. It's a checklist feature. More megapixels are better, right? The one thing you are going to miss in the future is force touch. Once developers figure out what to do with it, you are going to miss it when it is not present. Like the fingerprint reader now. You want it.


No, you don't want a fingerprint sensor if you care a tiny bit about your data. At least if you live in England...

Oliver Leibenguth , 2015-10-14

Oliver, can you please give some more background on your statement?

Abdelkader Boui, 2015-10-14

I don't really have anything to worry about personally, but I don't use fingerprint readers because of the #2 point in this article:


2. In many jurisdictions, if you secure your phone with a fingerprint police have the right (without any warrant) to force you to unlock your phone and let them inspect its contents, but if you secure your phone with a password law enforcement has no such right. This may sound crazy, and counterintuitive, but it is the law.

Craig Wiseman, 2015-10-14

The law in England is called "regulation of investigatory powers act (RIPA). They can put you to jail for not surrendering your passwords or the can make you "endure" a scan of your fingerprints or your iris.
So a fingerprint sensor is pretty much useless since English police can just take your "password"...

Oliver Leibenguth , 2015-10-14

That's another interesting problem I don't have.

Volker Weber, 2015-10-14

@Volker... unless you travel to the UK, USA, or any of the other countries that have such rules.

Craig Wiseman, 2015-10-14

I travel there all the time, but never ran into this problem. I have also not fallen from the sky so far, although that is a real danger. Also, I always mind the gap between the train and the platform.

Volker Weber, 2015-10-14

look right.

Samuel Orsenne, 2015-10-14

Indeed, that is the most dangerous mistake to make.

Volker Weber, 2015-10-14

Thats the real problem. People don't care about data security or privacy up to the moment they are affected in any way. :) Trust me, I know.

It's more or less the same speech you gave a few days ago about backups.

In short, Oliver is right. And what I don't wanna read now is: I have nothing to hide... :)

Johannes Matzke, 2015-10-14

oh and btw: I totally agree with your article...except:

1) I do feel like the Touch ID has gotton way better

2) I dout that 3D touch is of any real use. At least now it is not. I am hoping for a pleasant surprise.

Johannes Matzke, 2015-10-14

Touch ID has always worked well for me. It may be faster now, but I am still slow. ;-)

3D touch will need a good implementation. On Apple Watch for instance you can clear all notifications with force touch. Very handy. Somebody will find a good use for it. Much like Loren Brichter did when he invented pull to refresh. He made use of a gesture that people used when fidgeting.

Volker Weber, 2015-10-14

So I'd not use Touch ID, have the 2-3 second effort and inconvenience of typing my password in every single time, and all just in case the police want to access my device?

I guess I should carry a sub-machinegun just in case we want to rise up against the government too, right?

Seriously - ease of use (alongside proven security against the threat of theft/misuse) wins out over some mythical risk every single time.

Stuart McIntyre, 2015-10-14

Stuart, the argument is usually raised by somebody, who does not have an iPhone with Touch ID.

Volker Weber, 2015-10-15

My son (14) asked me, why do all the people bother so much about the "minor" security of fingerprint sensors in comparision to complex passwords, when it is so easy now to record the password entry unnoticed in 4K? Another example what to do with the capabilities of a shiny new 6s.

Peter Meuser, 2015-10-15

@Peter Meuser. Your son is absolutely right. It's very easy to spy a password entry. It's much harder to produce a finger replica.

Andreas Decke, 2015-10-15

Still unsolved:
Is 64GB enough memory for the upgraded cam and Live Photos?
Or is only 128GB enough memory?

Stefan Dorscht, 2015-10-15

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