Olloclip Macro Pro

by Volker Weber


Olloclip makes lenses for iPhones and I am very fond of their Active Lens. It is the perfect combination of tele and wide angle and a great travel companion. I have also used their 4-in-1 lens which combines wide angle, fish-eye and two macro lens. This lens let me shoot these photos.

Olloclip now has a Macro Pro lens which gives you three magnifying factors: 21x, 14x and 7x. And it comes with two hoods which collect and diffuse light and facilitate instant focusing.


And it's not just for pretty photos. You can also document very minute details like aging skin, tiny components, materials etc., all from an iPhone.





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Seeing macro pictures of skin makes me phantasize about new health care applications.

Surrounded with all the wrinkles and folds it should be possible to identify and map all moles and birthmarks. Even if the app wouldn't be able to do any substantial diagnosis it would sure help to track how each of the marks evolve over time.

Martin Funk, 2015-10-19

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