Lenovo announces Yoga 900

by Volker Weber


The Yoga 900 is this year's version of the Yoga 3 Pro. I am glad they are ditching the "Pro" moniker, because Pro is ThinkPad. Now comes in three colors and the hinge matches the body color. More importantly it runs on Core i Skylake CPUs instead of last year's Core M. Battery has been upped by 50% and the device isn't as thin and light as last year. That's a good change nevertheless.


Do you think that ultimately a hinge alone is a flawed design?

I am not saying the Yoga hinge is poor - far from it, it's likely the best there is.

More that I wonder if with MS allowing users to spin the display component on the new Surface Book - will Lenovo provide a similar capability in the future. Looking at MS Surface Book images it strikes me that the Lenovo hinge appears a much more workable solution than the MS hinge, in that it closes fully. Lenovo obviously have great engineering skill and I wonder if they will use that to challenge an MS product that is currently capturing headlines.

Ian Bradbury, 2015-10-20

I think the Yoga hinge is very well designed and opens up lots of options. But you can't the screen off. But that's not because of the hinge, but because there is no computer and no battery in the screen part.

Holding the Yoga as a tablet in your hand is very tiring. You can use it on your lap. But it misses a digitizer, so you cannot have a decent pen with the Yoga. The Surface Book on the other hand will not let you lay the display flat. The hinge only opens to the point that Microsoft is showing.

If I had to get either one and money would not be an issue, I'd probably take Surface Book.

Volker Weber, 2015-10-20

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