Apple Sport Band is really nice

by Volker Weber


My farovite band for the Apple Watch is the Milanese Loop. I like the look, I like how thin it is, and I like that it is easily adjustable without needing to settle for one or two holes in the band.

For the last two weeks I have been using a Sport Band instead of the Loop, and the experience has been much better than expected. It is very soft, does not irritate my skin, and it's much easier to close and open than I thought it would be.

There is one variant that Apple does not offer: Silver Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band. You either have to get the Space Grey Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band or the Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Band. And you could (almost) buy both for what you see in the photo above. ;-) Not that I would recommend doing that. There is no convenient way to use two Apple Watches with the same iPhone. What I mean to say is that an entry level Apple Sport Watch is a good choice without compromise. Spending more is just a matter of personal taste.


I would love to get the Milanaise Loop, but I bought the Space Gray aluminum Watch with the black sport band. Tried the Milanaise Loop with my Watch at an Apple Store... it just doesn't look good. :-(

Thomas Meyer, 2015-10-22

Leave the Sport Watch as it is. The Milanese Band only looks nice on a stainless steel Watch. If you want something more expensive, your could try the Leather Loop, which also looks good on your Watch.

Volker Weber, 2015-10-22

I was surprised at how nice the Sport band feels and, like you, I found it didn't irritate my skin which can be a real issue for me. I can't wear anything silver next to my skin for instance.

However as soon as I bought the Watch I bought a Space Grey steel band as well and I am really pleased with it. It matches the colour of the Watch case and only cost me about ¢30 from Amazon:

John Lindsay, 2015-10-22

I am a little hesitant to use any third party bands with Apple Watch, but yours look rather nice.

Volker Weber, 2015-10-22

The Hermes Apple Watch bands are 'official' and awesome. so well made. You should try them on.

John Head, 2015-10-23

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