How I got to 600 active cals

by Volker Weber


In my last post I said that I stopped counting steps and I got a few questions about that. It does not mean I am no longer tracking. I need a continuing reminder that I am still on track. I just moved from steps to active calories, as tracked by the Apple Watch. Today was a day that I only walked and I end up with more than 10k steps as soon as I am above 600 calories.

On other days I may be using the bicycle more, which means I may not be getting as many steps, but I still make sure I make more than 600 cals. Very often I end up doing 900, sometimes 1000 and more.

The absolute number does not mean much. 600 works for me. You may need a much lower goal, depending on your weight, height, age. I also found I can trade calories for minutes of exercise. When I go faster, heart rate goes up, calories burned goes up, but minutes of exercise goes down. Because I am finished earlier.

I could set a higher goal, but then I would not make it every single day. And once I allow myself to lapse, I would be breaking the chain. Not allowing that to happen is working very well in my favor.


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