It might take a while until you have a new PLAY:5

by Volker Weber


I am going out on a limb here, since I have zero background on this. But from my vantage point I see a serious shortage of PLAY:5 speakers.

We have seen shortages before with all of the new kits, ever since the SUB. That was in short supply, so was PLAYBAR. The channel never got enough of them, for months. Not everyone understood the value of the SUB or the PLAYBAR for a while. But the PLAY:5 is different.

When the PLAY:1 Pure edition was announced, I didn't think it would sell out quickly, as much as I like it. And I was right. And I have a feeling that you won't have a PLAY:5 under the Xmas tree, if you have not already ordered one.

Or so says my crystal ball.


Auf Platz #3 der Vorbestellerliste bei Thomas Lang, keep fingers crossed!

Michael Schnatmann, 2015-11-09

Am 9. November bei Amazon den neuen Play:5 bestellt, Lieferung heute. Gestern einen zweiten Play:5 bei Amazon bestellt, Lieferung für morgen angekündigt.

Kristian Raue, 2015-11-25

Das klingt gut. Es wäre ja schön wenn ich damit mal falsch läge.

Volker Weber, 2015-11-25

Der neue Play 5 ist der Hammer - was da raus kommt ist erstaunlich.
Bekomme das Grinsen nicht mehr aus dem Gesicht...

Wie immer, Danke an Thomas Lang von Überall-Musik :-)

Michael Schnatmann, 2015-11-26

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