What's next for BlackBerry handsets?

by Volker Weber

Photo: crackberry.com

Now that the Priv is shipping, what's next for BlackBerry handsets? I believe the company is working on two things:

  1. Move to Marshmallow. CEO John Chen has already said, they are not where they want to be and they will quickly follow up in the Spring to get Android to the security level they want to have. To me that reads they need the more granular controls in Marshmallow.
  2. BlackBerry needs more than one device. The Priv is the equivalent to the Passport. Priced at the high end, bold and innovative design. Now they need a Classic equivalent, and that could look like the rendering that was leaked to CrackBerry. And then finally, they need a cheap one, equivalent to the Leap.

BlackBerry cannot compete on price with the LGs of this world. Chen already said that. They will compete on security and support. They will not spread themselves thin with too many handsets. And that means they can support the few ones with a stream of updates.

One message to the BB10 huggers. This platform isn't going anywhere. It's not going away. And it's not going on new hardware. Or so says my crystal ball.


there are some avengers left to work on... ;-)

I still hope they will bring a new OS10 Device next year, keeping my fingers crossed...!

Ralph Hammann, 2015-11-12

What is missing is a high end touch only device. Since the introduction of the Passport, the top of the range device has mandated the physical keyboard whether you need it or not. Z30 was the last top of the range one released.
And their virtual keyboard introduced with BB10 is top notch.

Wolfgang Bosch, 2015-11-12

Stop scaring me Vowe! The only phone I would consider purchasing right now with no hesitation would be a successor to my beloved Z30.
Then again: everything runs so smooth and fine on my Z30 I don't need a new BB10 for a long while.
Unfortunately, I am not a typical customer and every tech-stuff I got hot on eventually died soon. Bad karma?

Simon Rozman, 2015-11-21

Well, your Z30 will get at least two more revisions of BlackBerry 10, which have already been announced. Should you drop it, you could buy a leap for very little money. No need to be scared.

Volker Weber, 2015-11-21

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