25 perfect weeks in a row

by Volker Weber


25 perfect weeks with all move goals achieved every single day. Plus two days in the preceding week when I got the Apple Watch. That makes the move streak 177 days long. Move goal is 600 kcals, max was 2400 to get the 400% badge. I needed the bike for that. Walking only took me to 300%.

Next up: 183 days (or half a year) Move streak on Saturday, 26 perfect weeks on Sunday, and six perfect months (Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov) on Monday.

Don't break the chain.


It's interesting that you took the bike as well to get to the 400%. I will try to achieve 400% just by running within the next year.
I'm at only 12 weeks because when the iPhone broke, there was no way to sync the perfect days (or even restore the existing watch backup using the new phone). So I ended up with setting up the watch as a new device with the new phone (which was set up just fine from the backup).

What is the best practice to not break chains when changing phones?

Benjamin Bock, 2015-11-22

Within my 177 days I swapped both the phone and the watch, and I did not break the chain. Did not even think about it. Backup and restore for the iPhone and later for the Watch.

Volker Weber, 2015-11-22

Sounds good. My restore was via iCloud and the main reason for the gap was breaking the old one on a Saturday and receiving the new one on the Wednesday thereafter. I couldn't get the new phone connected to the "old" watch which had the logs from Sun to Tuesday. Never mind, after that all went well.

Benjamin Bock, 2015-11-22

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