Color me impressed

by Volker Weber


How many staff does IBM have...? numbers dont add up here.

Andy Mell, 2015-11-24

Don't forget contractors with IBM mailboxes. That number will go up even further.

Volker Weber, 2015-11-24

And department mailboxes, support maibox, application mailboxes...

Nils Halvorsen, 2015-11-24

The total population of mailboxes we have to move is something like 536K. We are focusing for the next few weeks on finishing the employee population, but we have moved 10s of thousands of contractors already.

Unstated here - vowe's role (and Ute) in assuring me at the start of the year it could be done. vowe is a good mother.

Ed Brill, 2015-11-24

I can't mention it, Ed. I never disclose. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2015-11-24

I guess I am only confused about the "moved to" part. Verse is an overlay and not a mailbox itself. So they mean they scaled and pointed the Verse UI and analytics at that many mailboxes?

Chris Miller, 2015-11-24

Chris, Verse is a cloud play. And Notes was on premises, in multiple domains.

Volker Weber, 2015-11-24

If IBM don't present IBM Domino/Notes 10 early next year, we no longer need infos like this, because IBM is the only customer for Verse & co ... Stories like this sounds cool, the problem is, there is no other actor except IBM.

Andreas Weinreich, 2015-11-24

A lot of my customers won't/can't move to any cloud. As long as there is no on-prem version of IBM Verse, they simply don't care...

Christian Hensler, 2015-11-25

IBM is not "the only customer for Verse & co". I am spending a lot of time talking with commercial clients who are planning or deploying Verse already. I'm no longer in the product organization so I can't get into who those clients are, but I speak to at least one organization every week about our deployment and sharing our lessons learned so they can do the same.

Ed Brill, 2015-11-25

I assume IBM don' care either.
My prediction is that IBM will make you a second class customer in a way that you either move to their cloud offering or away (I assume they can live with both).

It is not a minority opinion that on-promises is a legacy business. SalesForce stock market capitalization now is more than 50 billion dollar (IBM is 133).

I am sceptical about cloud myself. Not because of security reasons but because I think vendors will start to make real money when the market is settled.

As for the internal IBM migration. For them this probably is a big deal. IBM Verse now is just a browser/mobile application with an optional local client. You probably would not even notice if they would run Microsoft Exchange internally.

Maybe I should be exited about something IBM might call IBM Domino/Notes 10 but I am not.

Another cloud "advantage". A a lot of cloud products don't even proclaim a version number.

Henning Heinz, 2015-11-25

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