Yoga Tab 3 Pro :: My next travel companion

by Volker Weber



The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro oozes quality. I just like to hold and use it. The soft touch back provides a good grip, the buttons are solid. I find the DLP projector quite usable for watching a movie on the ceiling, and even the camera is surprisingly good, albeit a bit slow.



Battery life is excellent and the sound from the four front facing speakers is crystal clear. It charges over MicroUSB and lasts a good 18 hours playing video. I have a short trip over a long distance coming up, so the Yoga Tab 3 Pro is going into my travel bag, along with some fresh underwear, a sweater, a toothbrush, a bundle of short USB cables and only six more items:

The good thing is that I only need this one power supply, although I have a power bank, an iPhone, a BlackBerry, a headset and the Yoga to charge. There is even one spare port.

I am contemplating bringing a serious camera, but I already have three. The Yoga Tab 3 Pro also lets me play music when I am in my room. It's not a Sonos, but it's good enough so that I don't have to bring a Bluetooth speaker.


I expect my (soft) bag to be under 8 kg, so it's all carry-on. Did I mention 18 hours of battery life? I am going to need that.


I'd like to point out that you're an unusual user, since you quickly replace hardware and can afford to do so.

The average user keeps hardware for a much longer time and thus needs to rely on firmware upgrades for security. Do you think that Lenovo can deliver upgrades years from now?

Hanno Zulla, 2015-11-26

I hope they can. At least they report a security patch level in the about section. It currently says Nov 1, 2015. Lenovo issues software updates from time to time, but that does not mean they go to a higher Android version.

Volker Weber, 2015-11-26

While the Yoga hardware is pretty much perfect, the software still needs some work. I already have one software update, but I still have two open bugs:

- Bluetooth keyboard mapping is borked. Cursor keys work only in portrait mode. In all the other three orientations they rotate away.
- Some app crashes. Flipboard for instance bombs quite often when rendering web pages. Works well on Yoga Tablet 2 Pro.

Volker Weber, 2015-11-26

Visiting Sonos by any chance? :-)

Dominik Mähl, 2015-11-26

Sound like a good idea, Dominik. I shall do that.

Volker Weber, 2015-11-26

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