And then the iPad wins

by Volker Weber


I really like the Lenovo Yoga. My plan was to use it instead of the iPad. It has this nice projector, it's very easy to get movies in and out, the battery lasts forever, and it feels just right in your hand. Unfortunately, it has a few crippling bugs. I cannot use a Bluetooth keyboard – Lenovo knows of the problem, but has not prioritized the fix – and apps keep crashing on me. They just disappear, as if I had hit the back key, but when you switch back to them, they have lost their state. That's inexcusable, if you are in the process of creating something. You also do not want to fall out of a book or a movie without continuing from where you left.

This led me back to the iPad. What a relief - it just works. Very much like the iPhone it may be the expensive option. But if money is not the primary concern, it is also the most satisfying one.


Indeed. And if Apple built a projector into the iPad, there would not really be any contest any more.

Nick Daisley, 2016-01-04

There are other options you might consider as well.

If money is not the primary concern (phrase stolen), take a look at Xperia Tablet Z4 with Bluetooth Keyboard BKB50.

Dirk Deimeke, 2016-01-04

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