Dictating with Plantronics Voyager into Dragon for Mac

by Volker Weber


This is my setup. Dragon for Mac works very well with the internal microphone. However, I have connected the Plantronics Voyager Focus via the Bluetooth dongle BT 600. This way I can listen to music while dictating. At first, this was a strange experience. But I found it to be very helpful if I can speak without listening too much to myself. Since the headset is noise canceling, I expect this to work even in noisy environments.

Dictation depends on excellent microphones. They record the raw material the software has to work with. This is why you need the Bluetooth dongle. Dragon only wants to work with USB headsets. Also, the BT 600 is always present. No matter whether the Voyager is on or off, Dragon maintains its configuration.

I have given away so many Voyager headsets, that I don't have a BT 300 anymore. If I still had one, I could also use the Voyager Edge without breaking the pairing between the Voyager focus and the BT 600.


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