CES 2016: The Toaster-Fridge Awakens—in 4K HDR!

by Volker Weber

If you were at CES, you could see water bottles with screens, alarm clocks with smell, robots with video projectors, underwear that's smart, and a tablet/refrigerator. That would have been all on one day. Yesterday.

Best report from CES I have seen so far.

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You might want check this one as well:

Jens Nullmeyer, 2016-01-06

True, it is a great report.
I like the quote, 'PCs may have bugs but (Volkswagen) Bugs don't need PCs.'

Frank van der Linden, 2016-01-07

The report misses the Segway Robot


Felix Binsack, 2016-01-07

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