Lenovo provides regular updates for its latest Android device

by Volker Weber


I am quite impressed by Lenovo's efforts to provide at least monthly updates to Android on the Yoga Tab 3 Pro. Not only do they update to the latest security level, but at the same time they are also fixing bugs. The tablet now works with Bluetooth keyboards, the rotating cursor keys bug I logged has been fixed.

Now I have to see, how I can narrow down the cause for the random app crashes. I suspect it is an hardware issue. So I will probably need to replace the device itself.


I had a Nexus 5X that really misbehaved. I did all the fancy things one was supposed to do with it (cache wipe, safe mode, factory reset etc), and had it not been christmas where would I have taken the time from? Those days off were tech days, involuntarily, fixed three issues... But that Nexus 5X had other issues and in the end only a RMA fixed it.
I also had a MS Exchange calendar sync issue, all my entries got duplicated endlessly to the point the phone restarted on its own at times. Now all entries get duplicated only three times with the new phone. Fair enough, good for me, because when I open a bug report the Android folks at Google ask for things I do not even have a clue about after half a day of reading.
I have to say the demands for bug reports are at times quite demanding, I did not plan to become an Android export (and I am not), but the bug really made the phone unusable so I tried. I wonder how folks with Samsung phones get anywhere with anything if there is a clear bug that, when it is already difficult for 'the real thing' (Android OS wise).

Alexander Koch, 2016-01-10

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