Is IBM Verse your new way to work?

by Volker Weber


It has been almost a year since IBM announced Verse in Orlando. It has been nine months since they started delivering it. Ed Brill was tasked with migrating all of IBM to the new platform, and though it might have looked like he was set up for failure, he delivered. By now most if not all IBMers should be on Verse. For now this is the only reference. No IBM customer has come forward as a Verse reference.

This is a shout out to all IBMers, especially if you are just a user: has Verse changed the way you work? And with that I mean beyond getting out of mail jail. Use email if you prefer not to comment.


Hi Volker,

Verse on it's own didn't bring down the amount of mail traffic, but the integration with IBM Connections Cloud did! The way we can communicate in the context of a document or by simply use @Mentions brought a very easy way to communicate with coworkers, external contacts or guest contacts.

Marco Janssen, 2016-01-12

I wonder how widely deployed "IBM Verse Offline" is deployed within IBM?

Jay Marme, 2016-01-13

Here is a start from Stefan Pfeiffer:

Marius Neumann, 2016-01-14

Ja, das ist ein schöner Artikel, der die Möglichkeiten aufzeigt. Er ist sicherlich auch davon geprägt, dass Stefan für das Marketing Social & Workforce Business in DACH zuständig ist. Aber es ist keine Lobhudelei. Wie er richtig feststellt, gibt es noch einen starken Bruch zwischen Verse und Connections.

Das beste Feedback habe ich bisher per E-Mail bekommen.

Volker Weber, 2016-01-14

Verse offline is not in the shipping product yet, so we have a couple hundred users in pilot. @Jay

Ed Brill, 2016-01-14

Hello Volker,

I am on Verse since mid 2015 and I really enjoy it. Some of my experience with Verse and the overall workplace with IBM Connections, IBM Docs and much more can be found - unfortunately in German language - in my private blog or on

My personal experience is, that you have to buy in the concept of things I have to do for somebody and things which need to be done for me to get a real great value. And the usability is just great. Everything a few mouse clicks away.

Looking forward to the moment, when our Connections instance is in the cloud, too, and I get the full value out the integration.

This is in my opinion a real alternative with Email, full blown Enterprise Social Networking, realtime editing, Chat, Video, Meetings available in the browser and on my iOS devices.

Stefan Pfeiffer, 2016-01-18

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