Different Voyagers

by Volker Weber


I have three different Plantronics Voyager headsets. To the left is the Legend, to the right the Focus, and in the middle there is the Edge. All three of them are excellent noise canceling Bluetooth headsets. The Edge is the lightest and most comfortable one. The other two however seem to have a superior microphone boom. When I use them with Dragon for Mac those two headsets provide the most accurate speech recognition. The Voyager Edge does not quite seem to provide the same accuracy. That is kind of a bummer because I would really like to put this one in my pocket. The Legend isn't quite as comfortable because you're wearing the battery and most of the electronics behind your ear. Choosing between the Edge and the Focus is easier: you want the Focus for its ability to isolate yourself from ambient noise. The Edge will keep you connected to your surroundings.

Not all headsets are created equal. Choose wisely.


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