by Volker Weber

Almost 4 weeks in I received another x-ray today. And it is looking good. All the fragments stayed where they were, the healing has started. I'll take the cast off during the day but still need to wear it when walking or at night. Fingers are very swollen, the joints have become stiff. I can now start exercising again, but it is going to take several weeks if not months to make a full recovery. Warning: if you squeeze my hand at Lotusphere I may take my knee to your balls. We do not want to hurt each other, do we?


Schön zu lesen. Und ja, ... Physiotherapie / Reha bei Händen und Fingern dauern ziemlich lange. Viel Erfolg dabei!

Andreas Braukmann, 2016-01-15

we don't shake hands with the left one, don't we?:-)

horia stanescu, 2016-01-15

I think Volker wears his watch on the left arm.

Volker Jürgensen, 2016-01-15

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