Lenovo Tab 3 Pro no longer crashtastic

by Volker Weber


The lastest firmware release from early January fixed all my outstanding complaints about the software running on the Yoga Tab 3 Pro. It's now pretty much perfect for me. Lenovo is providing monthly security updates, much like BlackBerry does for the PRIV. This has always been my major concern with Android and I am happy it is finally being addressed. They BT keyboard bug has been fixed and apps are no longer crashing on me. There are still a few hiccups but nothing I could not manage.

Still love the projector, the excellent battery life, and the form that makes it easy to hold it in my left hand while the right hand is recovering.


Hi Volker

Meine grösste Frage ist, ob das Lenovo Tab 3 Pro ein eingebautes GPS Modul hat. Kannst Du mir das bitte beantworten?

Danke und Gruss

Axel Seifried, 2016-02-01

Positive. Das hat ein GPS-Modul.

Volker Weber , 2016-02-02

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