The real spirit of Australia :: As shown by a Qantas Safety Video

by Volker Weber

[Thanks, Hajo]


Da fragt man sich schon, warum die bei den meisten europäischen und asiatischen Airlines immer so dröge sein müssen, wenn es doch auch so geht: emotional ansprechend und Tourismus-Marketing. Dann schaut man es sich auch an und speichert sich so manches.

chris frei, 2016-01-29

There must be a trend for those security video, here is the Air France release in March 2015 :

Not as inspirational as the Qantas one though

Gaston Annebicque, 2016-01-29

There's definitely a trend. The views are great in the Qantas clip, but the message is very bland in comparison that to this very entertaining Air New Zealand safety video that Bear Grylls starred in a couple of years ago.

Also, Brits definitely make far wider vowel sounds than Kiwis do! :)

Stephen Bailey, 2016-01-29

Beautiful! ...and yes, definitely a trend! Thanks for sharing!

Ulli Mueller, 2016-01-29

And showcasing the world class MONA Museum and majestic Cradle Mountain from my home town. Australia is an amazing country.

Adam Brown, 2016-01-30

Definitely a trend. (FC Barcelona for Qatar Airlines).

Armin Roth, 2016-01-30

My favourite (from New Zealand):

Wolfgang Siebeck, 2016-01-31

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