#RIPtwitter is trending

by Volker Weber

Twitter allegedly wants to introduce an algorithmic timeline as early as next week. That means tweets will no longer show up in reverse chronological order, but Twitter will decide what it deems important to you and place that at the top. We all know that suggested and sponsored tweets (paid advertisement) is also very important to you, err Twitter. You see where this is going? Not? Well, look at all the rubbish in a Facebook timeline.

The real problem is that the interests of Twitter users and investors are not aligned.

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Update: Jack says, it isn't going to happen next week:


Oh, I left Twitter ages ago,

Yes I really like hearing what people I follow have to say... when they're talking about a topic I'm interested in. Domino? BlackBerry? I'm all ears. Sonos? Fitness? Nah, stuff that.

Problem is, is there is too much noise-to-signal ratio on Twitter to make it useful for me. Hence I dumped it.

Dragon Cotterill, 2016-02-06

Wonder if it's me Volker, but I keep seeing more and more ads over the past month.
I report them all as offensive of course ;)

Dennis van Remortel, 2016-02-08

That does not help. You have to block them.

Volker Weber, 2016-02-08

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