Apple Music now officially supported on Sonos

by Volker Weber

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Sonos Updates its software to version 6.2. You no longer need to run a beta for Apple Music support. I have been using it for almost two months and while there were a few hiccups like skipping tracks, it has worked well so far. I just don't see any benefit in Apple Music over Spotify, safe for the odd artist who does not want to play on Spotify.


There is a benefit. Apple Music is 20% cheaper if you buy iTunes gift cards on sale. Also, I prefer the curated AM playlists.

Martin Kirchler, 2016-02-10

Another benefit: It’s integrated with the music I bought and uploaded over the last few decades, so it includes the stuff not available for streaming, too.

Stefan Tilkov, 2016-02-10

Still no support for Amazon Prime Music :-(

Felix Binsack, 2016-02-10

Let me pull on a few strings.

Volker Weber, 2016-02-10

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