Mixcloud on Sonos

by Volker Weber


Two months ago I started my (free) subscription of Apple Music. But I have not used it much. The reason isn't Spotify. Nor Tidal (cough, cough). The real reason is that 90 percent of what I am listening to is on Mixcloud. I have subscribed to only a few DJs and their music has been filling the house ever since. This is what is currently on.

Best of all, Mixcloud is completely free. Sign up and enter your credentials in Sonos.

Update: Since Frederic mentioned Soundcloud, that is also available.


Hi Volker

Good taste of music you have :-) ever listened to https://soundcloud.com/oliverschories? His season mixes are legend.. he has a few of them on mixcloud too.

I use soundcloud a lot, mainly because i can download mixes and tracks in high quality.. but their legal rights policy got quite strict recently, so many djs don't use soundcloud for their mixes anymore..

Frederic Dehedin, 2016-02-11

Signed up. Searched for Volker & Vowe to follow, but you're not listed as either. How can I follow you?

Amy Blumenfield, 2016-02-11

I am on https://www.mixcloud.com/vowe/ but I don't upload anything.

Volker Weber, 2016-02-11

Vowe, agreed. I did the beta test for Apple Music and now that it's done I can't find good reasons to keep the service. Mixcloud gets much more usage for me. Between that and my NAS collection of music I think I'll stick with these.

Leo Wiggins, 2016-02-12

Hi Volker, apart from Stephan Breuer, do you have any other DJs that you could recommend?

I'm still struggling with the mixcloud UI.

Andrew Magerman, 2016-02-15

Frederic has mentioned another one. If you look at "Trending" you may find stuff that is both new and interesting. If you want to drink from the firehose, DJ Jurag is your choice.

Volker Weber, 2016-02-15

Volker, thanks for the tip.

Andrew Magerman, 2016-02-18

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