Outlook.com is moving

by Volker Weber

The new Outlook.com is built on an Office 365-based infrastructure, so you get the benefits of an email service that millions of businesses, governments and schools around the world rely on every day.

With the new platform, everything changes. Tons of new features. I did like the old UI very much, but apparently I am not the norm. I often how hard it is to just say things as they are. Example:

Q. Can I get my Outlook.com account upgraded right away?

A. (Microsoft) We’re rolling out these upgrades to Outlook.com users as quickly as possible, with millions of accounts being upgraded each week. All Outlook.com users will get the upgrade soon, and there is no action you need to take in order to trigger the upgrade.

A. (vowe) No. Please stand in line.

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As much as I want to use outlook more than Gmail, the later refreshes automatically on new mails. On outlook I have t to refresh window. Poor caching?

Pedro Quaresma , 2016-02-18

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