Choosing a smartphone

by Volker Weber

With MWC coming to a close, we have seen lots of new smartphones, almost all of them running Android. Many different versions of Android actually. You can have an expensive one from Korea or an inexpensive one from China. I find it quite difficult to choose the right poison.

If it doesn't have to be Android, it's not difficult at all. ;-)


Hey ;)

Hubert Stettner, 2016-02-24

When I needed to switch from Windows phone to either iPhone or Android (for work reasons), I knew it'd be Android. Following your advice at the time, I immediately narrowed my choices to only an unlocked device running pure Android. That left two choices: Nexus or Moto X (2014 "pure edition"). After much research, I went with the Moto. I'm extremely happy with the decision (it's been 18 mos or so). But even with that reduced couple of options, it was a difficult decision!

Joe Litton, 2016-02-24

In the higher end of the android world, I think it's actually pretty easy. Moto X Force. Pure Android and never ever a "spider app" again...

Timm Caspari, 2016-02-25

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