Goodbye, Eve

by Volker Weber


I hardly ever give up on anything. But Eve is an exception. It's just not working for me.

After I wrote this in early December, the agency wasn't happy. I explained my difficulties in private email. It turned out that you can set the unit for air pressure from mbar to hPa and you should be able to set the correct value in a future firmware update that did not materialize since. I also replaced the Apple TV with a 4th generation device since that is supposed to work better as a Homekit hub. Only, it doesn't. Eve never updated in the background, and when I ran it in the foreground it more often failed than succeeded. As the app suggested, I moved closer. Much closer. Still no dice.

I heard other guys have more luck with Eve. I guess it's not her. It's me. Time to move on.


Get a Netatmo weather station - that works fine for me :-)

Eric Bredtmann, 2016-02-26

Schon merkwürdig. Bei mir funktioniert`s ohne Probleme. Überlege sogar die grad erschienenen Thermostate spätestens im Herbst zu kaufen und die vorhandenen Max! zu ersetzen. vielleicht "stören" ja andere Geräte?

Detlev Buschkamp, 2016-02-27

Having foolishly forgotten your original reviews I bought one a couple of weeks ago and I guess that I'm lucky. I have an ATV3 about 2 metres away from the Eve. The main annoyance is that it doesn't update in the background and when the app is open the data download is painfully slow. The set up is very much a shot in the dark as there is no of knowing what the ATV is doing.

There is some novelty in being able to measure the conditions on my balcony from 1.000 km away whilst on a business trip. BTW air pressure is shown in hPa.

David Eyre, 2016-02-29

"very much a shot in the dark"

That exactly is the problem. When the app tells me to get closer to the station, it does not help to move the phone closer to the station. I would need to move the ATV closer. That appears to be the connection that often fails.

Volker Weber, 2016-03-01

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