IBM Verse - One year later

by Volker Weber


About a year ago (minus two weeks) I started playing with IBM Verse. I can't really use it because it is not nearly good enough to replace GMail or Today I got an email from Bruce telling me my mail was bouncing because I had overstepped my quota. Trying to rectify the situation, I found that Verse is still missing even the most basic functions:

I am probably doing it wrong.


It was a nice idea to create a free, trial Verse environment. But also stupid -- how can you test a collaborative "new way to work" without integrating with all your existing stuff? And when it didn't work they didn't have the nerve to kill it, just left it hanging out there but didn't give it any attention. Sort of like Quickr, Sametime on Domino, Symphony, etc.

David Schaffer, 2016-02-29

You can go to the trash folder, select the messages in the trash using CMD-A and then select "Delete All from Trash" to purge your selected messages from the trash.

Davy Vanherbergen, 2016-03-01

Davy, all is not all. All is all that are currently listed. See last bullet point.

Volker Weber, 2016-03-01

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