Help me fix my iPhone weather app

by Volker Weber

ZZ7FE04E81 ZZ3C54B7A3

I cannot change the list of locations in my weather app. Well, I can. But a little while later it will revert to Darmstadt and Santa Barbara. I tried adding cities, deleting all of them, rebooting, log in/out of iCloud. Nothing fixes it. Any more ideas?

Update: Resolved! Thanks to Michael Witrien. Turning off location services for the app, then rebooting resolved it.


Die Standardlösung lautet: App vom Device runterwerfen und neu aus dem Store laden. Hilft gefühlt in 90% derartiger Fälle.

Tobias Vogel, 2016-03-02

Die Standardlösung lässt sich nicht auf Apps anwenden, die zum Betriebssystem gehören.

Volker Weber, 2016-03-02

Bei solchen betriebsystemeigenen Apps ist die Standardlösung dann wohl, auf Werkseinstellungen zurückzusetzen und aus einem Backup wiederherzustellen.

Marc Henkel, 2016-03-02

Hallo Herr Weber,
bei mir half das Deaktivieren des Ortungsdienstes für die Weather App. Danach einen Neustart bzw. Cache entleeren.

Michael Wittrien, 2016-03-02

1) Activate Airplane Mode, then remove all cities. Then deactivate Airplane Mode and try again. You could also try to add cities in Airplane Mode.
2) If 1) doesn't work I'd contact Apple Support, they can access the corrupt iCloud files.

Valentin Woelm, 2016-03-02

These little things start reminding me off the old Windows days... too many little issues, crashing apps and restarts needed these days. Clearly the quality of the IOS world is no longer what it used to be.
Dont shoot me right away! I know on other systems it is even worse ... but for a premium product I am expecting a little bit more.

Henk Aichernig, 2016-03-03

@Henk - neither is the quality of OS X what it used to be. El Capitan is quite frustrating. I am thinking ever more seriously of moving to Linux.
I thought it was that Apple was putting all their experienced development resources into the IOS cash-cow and only trainees are developing OS X. I didn't realize IOS is suffering too.

John Keys, 2016-03-05

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