BlackBerry starts selling to business customers

by Volker Weber

Starting today, business owners and IT administrators looking for a cost-effective way to purchase and deploy unlocked BlackBerry devices in-volume can now buy direct from our Smartphone Business Sales Team.

BlackBerry has traditionally only sold through partners, either carriers or business partners. Yes, there has been an online shop. But that is a channel that only works for individuals. Companies need a business connection, where you can negotiate pricing and payment options.

Direct sales is a classic channel conflict. I have to assume that it became very hard for BlackBerry to sell through carriers. If a company buys all their phones through T-Mobile and T-Mobile does not want to list the Priv, BlackBerry would be cut off.

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One of my customers switched from t-mobile to vodafone last year due to that reason...

Ralph Hammann, 2016-03-07

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