Import content from Evernote to OneNote

by Volker Weber

Rest easy, we'll import your notes for you. We appreciate that you're thinking about a change to OneNote. As part of the Office family, OneNote will feel familiar from the start. And it's 100% free.

When I moved from Evernote to OneNote, I had to use a third party tool. And I never looked back. Today Microsoft announces their own tool, which initially runs on Windows 7 and newer.

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Why are you preferring OneNote over Evernote?

Thomas Lang, 2016-03-12

Many reasons:

Each note in OneNote is a digital canvas. You can type or scribble anywhere you like. It's much more like paper.

Digital pen support. I use OneNote on several platforms. On Surface I just need to push a button on the pen. Surface wakes up and gives me a clean sheet of paper. No login required.

Shared editing. You can share a OneNote notebook and simultaneously edit notes. OneNote keeps track of who edited what.

Todo list. It's very easy to create checklists that I need for preparing for my travels.

Not a freemium model. Evernote kept pushing me towards the premium plan, which I never needed.

Easier to organize. I can move my notes around without the software reorganizing them.

Volker Weber, 2016-03-12

I am not aware if Evernote does it as well but I also love the automatic OCR of handwritten content so that is immediately searchable. Works pretty impressive even if you demo it to a friend and just let him write something.

Ingo Seifert, 2016-03-12

Thanks for sharing that.

Thomas Duff, 2016-03-12

Thank you!

Thomas Lang, 2016-03-13

I'll add an item to Volker's list: it appears to have an efficient database in the back end. I experienced major performance issues with various apps I used in the past, I imported all those data plus another year's worth of additional notes, and there are no performance issues in OneNote. Another point: universal accessibility is very convenient - from my desktop, various tablets, iPad, BB Passport - all content is transparently available.

Joseph Federer, 2016-03-13

Tried it. With 7000+ notes from premium account. Totally organized with tags. Tag support in Onenote is considered as not existing. A tool like Clearly for Onenote is also not on sight. And this freeform thing is, for me, a nightmare. Left aligned rules. ;) So for now a lot of showstopper. And it's sad to see the Evernote company dying soon. They already have financial problems. But hey, who said that a tool has to fit for everyone?

Richard Kaufmann , 2016-03-13

What is your preferred annontaion/notes app, if forced cloud storage is not an option?

So far GoodNotes seems to rock it for me.

Peter Meuser, 2016-03-14

A stand-alone note taking app? I use scraps of papers.

Volker Weber, 2016-03-14

A little while ago I switched from Evernote to Quiver. Having been with Evernote since 2008 I had invested a lot of time, energy and money into Evernote so making this change was not something I took lightly.

Although I had Evernote installed on my phone and iPad, I just never used it on those devices. Their performance kept me away such that I learned not to bother opening the apps. Quiver is only available on OSX and I cannot see it becoming available on other devices for some considerable time - for me though I do not consider this to be an issue.

I did try out OneNote. Nearly immediately I did not like it. Like Mr Kaufmann, I found the "free form" concept just did not work with my brain. I also found the interface to be too busy and messy.

I previously read a review of Quiver ( and after reading it several times and visiting the app store page many many times I thought I'd give it a try.

In the last 3 months I have gradually moved my active notes over to Quiver such that I now consider Evernote to only hold an archive of stuff that I'll likely never need again, and maybe I will move those into a separate Quiver archive file later.

The key features of Quiver for me are : variety of data that can be stored and actively worked with, app performance and app simplicity. The key is "actively worked with", increasingly I am using Quiver as my active editor.

Ian Bradbury, 2016-03-14

I did an extensive comparison ( and while a bit out of date, i.e. the mobile apps for onenote are out and awesome - it still applies - and am an active user of both. but the keys are

1. OneNote's handwriting software is far superior to Evernote.
2. The OneNote editor is Word. Evernotes' is notepad with tables. its not a fair comparison
3. if you do anything with teams, OneNote is simply amazing. we have client notebooks with thousands of pages of content.

Richard - OneNote has tagging. Evernote's tags are easier to use, but OneNote's are far more powerful because of the tagging types.

John Head, 2016-03-14

If you are talking about OneNote, are you talking about OneNote Mobile or OneNotes 2016? Both run on Windows, but are quit different. For example OneNote Mobile only supports OneDrive. Not everybody's cloud option in a corporate environment...

@Volker: Yes, a scrap of paper works, if you have a print-out. If you have to work with PDFs, enrich them with additional photos, handwriting (searchable!) and if you want to make public notes for your team in a meeting (on a large screen), then you would prefer GoodNotes. And yes, it supports access to every storage provider app on iOS.

Peter Meuser, 2016-03-15

Peter - no one uses Outlook Windows 10 app that i know of. You either use OneNote 2016 for windows or mac or you use the mobile apps for ios and andriod. or worse case the web app that comes with o365. All of my findings written above were for onenote 2016 and before the newest ios app came out. as for having to use OneDrive, I don't consider that a bad thing.

John Head, 2016-03-15

John, is the point with Office Mobile apps on Windows 10, that they build for a "Surface" touch experience, but just lacking that much behind Office 2016 regarding functionality?

Peter Meuser, 2016-03-16

Old archive pages

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