Engage UG starts tomorrow

by Volker Weber

Massive speaker line-up. When Sarah Gibbons and Chris Crummey present Project Toscana, pay extra attention whether they are running live code or just the screen show from IBM Connect 2016. Do you know where the name originated? It's an Italian restaurant in Dublin, where the idea was sketched. This project uses all the cool stuff and does not build on IBM technology like Websphere and DB2. And while Verse on Premises was a no-show in 2016, there is now a wild ride to get this going rather swiftly. Inhi Cho Su does not take prisoners.


It's slides.

Andrew magerman, 2016-03-23

Thanks. As I was expecting. Funny thing is: the product manager is completely open when telling me it's still in development. Other IBMers try to tell me that it's already done.

Volker Weber, 2016-03-23

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