Marshall Major II Bluetooth

by Volker Weber


This is the perfect headset for people who have been listening to loud music for all of their lives. Which has destroyed most of their hearing. They will hear that these headphones can play really loud music, and they won't notice that they don't sound very good.


This is a marketing play. Marshall is a famous brand. You have been seeing their stacks of amps and speakers behind famous musicians. You can go back as far as Jimi Hendrix and his guitar amp. And Marshall is now taking their expertise and making headphones, Bluetooth speakers and smartphones? You wish. What Marshall is doing is licensing out their brand. This headset isn't made by Marshall, or even designed by Marshall. Take off one of the cushions:


Zound Industries International AB is a Swedish company based out of Stockholm, and they make fashionable electronics, mostly under the Urbanears and Coloud brands. Coloud is cheap, and Urbanears "affordable". Molami makes premium headsets. Zound Industries has some really clever designs and I like them a lot.


This is the unique feature on the Major II Bluetooth headset. A little brass nob behind your left ear controls the device like a joystick. Push it for pause/play or make/break calls. Up for volume up, down for volume down, right for next track, left for previous track. This works really well and is a joy to use.

When you take off the Marshall disguise, you will find a Plattan ADV or more precisely a Plattan ADV Cordless. You can use the 3.5 mm plug on the right earpiece to either connect the headset to your player (Bluetooth off) or connect a second headset (Bluetooth on) to share your music. Same as on the Plattan. Instead of the brass knob, Plattan uses an invisible touchpad on one of the cans. Same gestures, same features.


So all of the clever bits are the same. The Marshall headsets however has a much larger battery which gives you more than double the endurance. It's rated for 30 instead of 14 hours and I have not yet depleted it once. Unfortunately it is less comfortable and seriously more expensive. The Plattan headsets are listed at 59 € (wired) and 99 € (wireless), while the Major II Bluetooth goes for 149 €. For that kind of money you can buy better.

And while they are very loud, you are only getting the badges from this:

Lemmy Kilmister (1945-2015) of Motörhead at Wacken Open Air 2013 (Photo Jonas Rogowski)

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You can store your Marshall headset in your Marshall refrigerator. That will make it cooler ;-)

Richard Schwartz, 2016-03-25

Hear hear. Richard knows what he is talking about:

Volker Weber, 2016-03-25

Presumably you will use the Marshall headphones with your Marshall mobile phone (after taking it out of the before mentioned fridge)?

Armin Grewe, 2016-03-30

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