I want an Apple Watch controller for Sonos

by Volker Weber

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I know that Sonos is notoriously slow developing software. But half a year after you were able to build native watch apps, it's now time to come up with a simple controller glance. Nothing fancy. Start/stop, next previous, volume up/down. I don't need to regroup rooms or edit the playlist.


And no, I don't want a 3rd party app that reverse engineers the UPnP protocol.

Volker Weber, 2016-03-25

Oh what a perfect idea! I want that too.

Dirk Bartkowiak, 2016-03-25


Thomas Mendorf, 2016-03-25

Ich auch! :-)

Marco Simon, 2016-03-25

ZonePlay by Betware Limited

Moritz Petersen, 2016-03-25

Siehe oben, erster Kommentar.

Volker Weber , 2016-03-25

Wieso Reverse Engineering?

Könnte das nicht ganz offiziell über die API (http://musicpartners.sonos.com/?q=docs) von Sonos laufen?

Oder ist Sonos in der Hinsicht ein "Walled Garden"?

Matthias Welling , 2016-03-25

+1 - should we vote again somewhere on Sonos website, as we did for the pause/play button instead of mute?

Hauke Fink, 2016-03-25

Sonobits does something simple. I have it for my Apple Watch. Not very sophisticated but it works.

Kambiz Larizadeh, 2016-03-26

Also nur das, was man bei Android Wear auch kann?
Mir fehlt noch die Auswahl eines Favoriten, wenn ich von der aktuellen Liste genug habe und nicht erst zu irgend einem Gerät greifen möchte.

Ralf ter Veer, 2016-03-26

Ja, mehr brauche ich nicht. Und das wäre auch super simpel zu bauen.

Volker Weber , 2016-03-26

Would become the most used app on my watch, very quickly.

Chris Lindley, 2016-03-29

Try the 3rd party app: sonobit!

Oliver Vincent, 2016-04-03

Try reading the other comments. Try.

Volker Weber , 2016-04-03

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