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I had to smile when I read this tweet. Reading this site may look expensive, but it isn't. I look at stuff so you don't have to. You save a ton of money by not buying the stuff that doesn't work. Thank you for trusting me. And thank you for writing comments. While I do not agree with everything said, I like the fact that they are always thoughtful and respectful.

Please keep coming back.


Truth is you don't even have to buy the things vowe discussed on his blog. You do not have to - but feel free to do so.

Stefan Dorscht, 2016-03-26

Plantronics Headset (Backbeat Fit) and Surface 3 Pro – seems I am still on the cheap side and very pleased.
My spouse is happy with her the Surface 3, my advise was only based on the review here and touching it once in the store.

Kai Nehm, 2016-03-26

And yet I am thoroughly pleased with the rumbling sounding base Play:5 I purchased wow - Thanks Volker for being or Guinea pig on these gadgets and thanks for sharing your thoughts! Regards, Maikel

Maikel Maes, 2016-03-26

Reading this site saved me a lot**.

- iMac
- Palm
- MacBook Pro
- NAS, but I have to admit, that Synology works better than Netgear
- iPhone
- iPad
- Apple Watch
- SONOS PLAYBAR, SUB, a bunch of PLAY:1s - nearly completed (BOOST moved in today)

**I can only imagine how much more money I would have invested before finding the stuff that works.

Dirk Bartkowiak, 2016-03-26

"Please keep coming back." Always! Gruss, Ulli

Ulli Mueller, 2016-03-26

Remember recommending iTunes & iPod to me early 2005 (this is not a typo: this was eleven years ago ! ) ?? This iPod is still running (ok, cable only). Not to mention iPhones 3 to 6 (also as gifts), a 2nd iPod, a superb Macbook Pro Retina 15", iPads (also as gifts), a Macbook Air for safety reasons. Not to forget some Sonos surroundings :)
Thank you Volker. And also few people around me are really happy with stuff recommended by vowe that WORKS. Thanks again.

Stephan Perthes, 2016-03-26

here is my list:

- Lumia 925
- Sonos Connect
- Sonos Play 1
- Jawbone Up (incl. the "10.000 steps minimum per day" movement ;-)
- IPhone 6

Thanks Volker for all the nice reviews on your site - much appreciated

Joerg Heuer, 2016-03-27

Truth is that is Vowe's fault to make me re-try the BlackBerry Priv I've hated so much and sold.
Vowe: a big thank you for your advices.
Your blog is a daily read for me.

Horia Stanescu, 2016-03-27

and the Klipsch earphones are on my list next to others mentioned already above. Thanks!

Stefan Heinz , 2016-03-29

My fist contact to vowe was in 2004 when I asked about your experience with the new and shiny MacBook (before Intel) and emulation for Domino Admin and Designer. Your answer was clear: "Nope, doesn't work". And you added: "Emotional shopping is always bad."

Well, I didn't listen. I bought a 12" PowerBook G4 on March 30th and sold it on May 28th... And payed 500 EUR for the experience to better listen to vowe...

Never regretted it since then ;-)

Thomas Lang, 2016-03-29

One product group to add: vacuum cleaners. Thanks vowe for making me aware of the Dyson LiIon powered products.

Sven Bühler, 2016-03-29

Thanks for your reviews and guidance as well. You got me to buy an iPod instead of an Archos player. Then came the Sonos system (that x-mas sale, many years ago), a Nokia BH-905 headset

Never regretted any buy

Jens-Christian Fischer, 2016-03-29

I even splurged on the high-end kitchen roll dispenser. Still doddering on Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Andrew Magerman, 2016-03-30

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