Lenovo updates the Yoga Tab 3 Pro

by Volker Weber


Just when I told you that Lenovo has all but abandoned the Yoga Tab 3 Pro, they issue an update. It was compiled exactly two weeks ago. It is on Android Security Patch Level 1-Mar-2016, so one level down from the BlackBerry PRIV, but at least it is no longer three months old.

More importantly, it looks to have solved a major memory problem that was crashing some tasks. At least it has not happened in the one hour I have tested it so far. I know how to recreate these crashes (on the old software), so I am cautiously optimistic that Lenovo has nailed this update.

Funny thing I just noticed is that the date strings show the same day of the month and almost exactly the same time: 28th at 11:27 vs 11:30. You can also see that the February update was no longer installed on my machine so I went from January to March. I am pretty sure I had a February security patch prior. My guess is that Lenovo rolled back this update. Jan → Feb → Jan → Mar would be the sequence. Which explains why there was this large gap.

So, good news, Lenovo is working on this machine. I like that, because I love using the projector.


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