iPad Pro 9.7" :: Grab the screen and listen

by Volker Weber


I told you how FiftyThree Paper became my killer app. And in my first impressions I said, I will be coming back with more. In no particular order:

While the iPad Pro might look like an iPad Air 2, it's actually much better. If you can afford the money, avoid the good deal you are getting on the Air.


I have mine since a few days (Sold my 12,9 Pro For it). My take:

Silicon Case - agreed, but whenever possible i remove it, its bulky, adds weight. But when i leave the house its a must.

Screen - Truetone, added brightness and the deeper colors are awesome

Speakers - not so rich as the speakers in the 12,9 Pro, but much better then the single speaker in the Air.

Build-Quality - I have a bit to sharp edges on the Home Button and the thin silicon-line separating the lte-eantenna are overfilled, so i always try to mess with it. I may ask for a replacement in the applestore.

It's a much better package then the Air 2, but the higher Price is hard to swallow.

Bernd Hofmann, 2016-04-18

@Bernd: why did you switch from the 12.9" Pro? I am planning to buy one :-)

Martin Imbeck, 2016-04-18

I never considered the big one. I have tried using a 13" Lenovo Tab 2 Pro, but it was just too unwieldy. Swapping back to a 10" Lenovo Tab 3 Pro made me really happy. It was pretty clear to me that I did not want the large Pro.

Volker Weber, 2016-04-18

Ich habe jetzt ein Air 2 und ein 12,9" iPad Pro abzugeben :)

Ging mir ähnlich, Pencil und Paper sind die Killer-Apps. Als Ergänzung zu meinem 15" Macbook ist mir das Große nicht handlich genug.

Sebastian Gerhatd, 2016-04-18

@Sebastian: dann biete mir doch mal das Pro an :-) Gerne auch direkt per Mail: vorname@nachname.de (also natürlich mit meinem Namen)

Martin Imbeck, 2016-04-18

You also mentioned the "AppleSIM" for testing in one of your postings before.
Any news about this? Is it "just" a special SIM-card where you can book different data plans "on the fly"?

Bernd Schuster, 2016-04-18

Have not travelled yet. My understanding is:

- this is a built in SIM card
- you can provide your own (it has an empty slot)

If you have an older iPad with mobile data and no SIM is loaded, you get an error message "Missing SIM". Not so with the iPad Pro.

Volker Weber, 2016-04-18

Thanks - also in the Apple stores I visited knowledge about this is close to zero. Hope to get some updates from you as I also think that an eSIM is already build in. Did you also got an Apple SIM?

Bernd Schuster , 2016-04-18

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