Mary Jo Foley: Why I broke up with Windows Phone

by Volker Weber

I'm no longer part of the one percent. It took me almost two years longer than my Microsoft-watching colleagues Ed Bott and Tom Warren, but I've given up using Windows Phones as my daily driver.

Mary stays away from the iPhone. Reason: she does not like Apple and wants to stay on PC.

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Thanks, Volker, an interesting read which is partly reflecting my feelings. I will stick with Windows (Mobile) for the time being, but I possibly changed my preference where to go to from iOS to Android, if I am forced to leave.
I respect Apple products and I am not shy to recommend them, depending on who is asking. In fact, there are several people who I sent that way. I, personally, find them dependable but they are not close to my heart.
When changing to Android, I might as well go down the Nexus road. I am tempted to get a 5X to play around and improve my knowledge in that area.

Hubert Stettner, 2016-04-21

Mary Jo puts it straight... same feelings in my family here...

Ingo Seifert, 2016-04-22

Broke up 2 weeks ago. Now living on a big iPhone. The one thing I miss is the start screen, this icon wall I have now is dull. But yes, you start depending more on Notifications, and god yes, the OS is mature, the apps are there, the big ones regularly maintained, great calendars, great mail client (from the very same Microsoft), bittorrent sync, etc etc.

Frank Quednau , 2016-04-22

A couple of things to learn:

- Pull down the "icon wall" for a quick search.
- Swipte right for news and last used apps.
- Swipe from top for "Today" view. Customize.
- Swipe left from today view for notifications.
- Swipe from bottom for quick switches. Try them.

Volker Weber, 2016-04-22

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