iPad Pro 9.7" :: New Software

by Volker Weber


I have always been an iA Writer (5 €) user and I am currently on the beta program. See the orange dot. I also liked Paper (free) but only got to use it more with Apple Pencil. Today I bought two new software packages that should work well with the Apple Pencil: Pixelmator (5 €) and GoodNotes (8 €).

GoodNotes is really impressive, right from the start. Pixelmator will need some work. More on both next week.


Wie ist denn so die Handschrifterkennung?

Bodo Menke, 2016-04-22

This is not Newton. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2016-04-23

Next addition to Pixelmator: Procreate. (but this is no secret)

Peter Meuser, 2016-04-23

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