When you get up very early

by Volker Weber


Today is going to be a nasty and cold day. I woke up early and thought, why not make my run before the sun is up. Now it's past seven and I feel very energized. 73 minutes of exercise done. Should be easy to get to two hours today.

Photo shot with the iPad Pro 9.7". Zero edits, just a bit of cropping.


You're really an early bird.

Looks line the white balance is a bit off. My exercise ring looks greener/less yellow.

Benjamin Bock, 2016-04-23

Yes, white balance is difficult with lcd screens. That's why I like Nokia Camera on the 1020 for videos. I just fix w/b and focus.

Volker Weber , 2016-04-23

Man beachte den Trainer diskret im Hintergrund!

Sabine Weber , 2016-04-23

Ratzt schon wieder.

Volker Weber, 2016-04-23

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