I found a glitch in the Apple matrix

by Volker Weber


I collected four achievements today. First the green 7 for a perfect week of exercise of at least 30 minutes a day. That is what I always finish first. Second was the blue 7 for a perfect week of reaching my stand goal every single day. Then I quickly received both the pink 7 for a perfect week of always reaching the move goal, and then the rainbow one for reaching all three goals every single day of the week.

What is missing? The daily move streak is missing. This cannot end if you have seven perfect days. But it did. Compare the move streak that Apple thinks ended yesterday, and the perfect week, which ended today.

ZZ25AC0782 ZZ2F72D291

Place your bets. What is going to happen tomorrow:

  1. No daily move streak
  2. Daily move streak of 332 days
  3. Daily move streak of 333 days

Important update here >


Bei mir kam der der move streak auch schon einmal verspätet am nächsten Morgen.

Andreas Braukmann, 2016-04-25

Nicht, dass Du neu anfangen musst... ;)

Ingo Seifert, 2016-04-25

Talking about glitches. When I told Apple Health to collect the Steps also from the Withings App it didn't keep them apart from the steps collected by the watch. This happend in a strange way, those steps didn't apear instantly in the Health App Overview, but with a delay of about 8 days. The monthly Steps graph always looked verry bearish.

Martin Funk, 2016-04-25

my bet goes for 3

Samuel Orsenne, 2016-04-25

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