How to get access to more music services on Sonos

by Volker Weber


You would think that it is easy for me to get information from Sonos, but that is not the case I am afraid. I have been trying for months to get info on Sonos' plans to provide Amazon Prime Music in Germany. To no avail. The service has been available since 5 Nov 2015 to German customers, just not on Sonos.

Let me share a little secret, since Caschy already published the trick in German. Sonos makes different services available by country. When you hit "Check for Updates" in the Sonos controllers, it checks whether there are any updates waiting for your Sonos ID. When you go to and change your profile to a US address, it will give you different updates next time you ask. It will then tell you, that everything is fine, and that there are no updates. However, when you try to add new services, you will find a different list. If you have an account on one of the services that just became visible, add it to your services and log in. If the service you added does not use geo-blocking you are good to go. You can then go back to and reset your address. .


Thanks for the hint :-)

Felix Binsack, 2016-04-25

Works, thanks!

Frank Terhorst, 2016-04-25

Ah, endlich Pandora, da hätte ich auch selbst drauf kommen können. Bedankt!

Stefan Funke, 2016-04-25

Naja, das einzige was über diesen Musikdienst funktioniert, sind vorkonfigurierte Playlisten. Man kann nach gar nix suchen, weder Künstler, noch Titel, noch Album.

Über die Amazon-Website funktioniert das aber . Warum also nur ein besseres Radio auf Sonos?

Martin Olk, 2016-04-26

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