Amazon Prime Music is now available on Sonos in the UK, Germany, and Austria

by Volker Weber

I'm sure this is pure coincidence.


Vowe is a good mother!

Danke, funktioniert super!


Kristian Raue, 2016-04-25

Oh this is such a dilemma for me. The Amazon Prime offer is looking more and more attractive - ¢79 a year for streaming TV + streaming music. Add some kindle books and next day delivery and it's extremely attractive.

The problem is that I have such an issue with the Amazon business model. Maybe this marks me as an outsider in this conversation. Maybe I just need to get with the program.

But my brain and heart tells me that I must continue my support of local shops and businesses (yes we still have a small book shop, and yes I know Amazon moved on from books many years ago). And I know this issue is bigger than just Amazon, they're just the popular enemy.

I want to. I just can't.

Ian Bradbury, 2016-04-26

Mich irritiert sehr, dass die Sonos-App-Suche nur in meiner Amazon-Musikbibliothek und nicht im gesamten Prime-Musik-Bestand sucht. Ist das generell so, oder klappt die Gesamt-Suche irgendwo?

Hardy Massen, 2016-04-28

@Hardy: dito hier - im Webbrowser funktioniert es - in der Sonos-App aber nicht. Nur Playlists und Radio...

Bernd Schuster, 2016-04-28

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