Snapchat is my smalltalk

by Volker Weber

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Snapchat has made it to my iPhone front page. I did not expect that when I tried it a week ago. First I wanted to understand how this thing works. That's far from obvious. But once you understand the navigation, it's efficient. Very efficient actually.

Once I understood how it works, I wanted to know what to do with it. And this is where it differs from the kids. For kids, especially young teens, it's a way to find an identity. You style yourself, you style your snaps. It's very important to appear in the most flattering way. You are your story.

For me, it's the exact opposite. Completely casual. What I do here on my website lives for years if not decades. Same thing for everything that I publish professionally. But Snapchat? Pffffrt. Just do it. For more serious conversations I use WhatsApp or if it has to live longer plain old email. In Snapchat I just tell things as they happen. It's only a few seconds per snap. I don't even worry, if you understand me. If you only heard me speak English, you can hear my speak German now. Probably sounds like Klingon to you.

I have only a few dozen contacts on Snapchat. But I already came to know some really nice people a lot better.


Being one of those that followed you into this rabbit hole, I'm personally not overwhelmed yet. My social network doesn't do Snapchat, it feels like a chicken or egg situation.

So for me personally I'm not sure, but hey my social network didn't understand why I did that e-mail thing.

Besides that I find it quite impressive how easily one can switch from casual small talk addressed to the world out there to highly focused authentic, almost intimate, video message to individual contacts.

Martin Funk, 2016-04-29

I'm the chicken. Not all of my eggs turn into chickens. But I keep laying them.

Volker Weber , 2016-04-29

My daughters are of the age where they hate me enough already. I am sure joining the same social network as them would push them over the edge. But I enjoy hearing about your experiences.

Ian Bradbury, 2016-04-29

I tried Snapchat. Some really cool people explained it to me. Including you and Richard Gutjahr. They did a good job, I think I have got it.

But after doing and watching some Snaps I realized that I don't like it. For me its way too personal. The concept of the app violates my personal space by far. I don't want anyone, except some (not all) family members, so close. They are already around me. So for whom (else) should I produce these Snaps?

The second thing is, Snapchat pushes me. I normally have only 24 hours so see someone's Snap. So I am in a constant hurry. And it's forcing me to revamp my time management. I don't like that too.

Thank you for the invitation. But no, thanks. And don't take it personally.

Richard Kaufmann, 2016-04-30

Richard, you sound like a wise man ;)

Certainly ahead of the curve when thinking about being "rich".

Mariano Kamp, 2016-04-30

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