Stuff that works :: Marshall Major II

by Volker Weber


There is so much marketing fake in this Marshall headset that I thought I would never like it. Funny thing though, I have been using it more than any other headset at vowe's magic flying circus. And most of the time I have forgone the Bluetooth link and instead I just plugged it in. Into the iPad Pro, the iPhone, the PRIV, the MacBook, the Yoga. Bluetooth often was just too much effort. Silence the computer by plugging in the headset, put it on. Bang.

This has happened before with another headset made by the same company: the Plattan ADV. They are in fact very similar, and the Plattan also comes with Bluetooth. Somehow those were never as successful here as the corded ones.

I prefer Bluetooth with headsets I use for dictation or phone calls. But for media consumption at rest, a cable rocks. Switching Bluetooth between devices is just too much effort, Bluetooth has dropouts, Bluetooth has latency. And as it happens, the cable on the Marshall rocks. Tangle-free, solid, sturdy plugs at both ends. This headset has both. Bluetooth when you don't want a cable, especially on the move. And a good cable when you do want one.

And the sound? To me it's good enough. When you compare it with better gear, it falls short. But when you only have this one around, you couldn't tell. And it's pretty loud. Not good for your ears, but sometimes you just need something that goes to eleven.


I note that the cable looks to be emulating a guitar lead....

Nick Daisley, 2016-05-04

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