More options to store your Apple Pencil

by Volker Weber


The Leuchtturm 1917 Pen Loop is meant to be glued to the inside of the back cover of your (paper) notebook, but it also fits on the iPad cover. I can still fold the cover as a triangle or all the way to the back. Thanks to Andreas for the inspiration and to Sebastian for sending me one from my wish list.

Peter also sent me this photo of his Stilgut pen holder:


Christian recommended the Apple Pencil Magnet from moxiware. Not so sure about that since it will not hold the pencil in place when you put it in your bag.


Put a thick legal size rubber band around the iPad and Moxie Pencil Magnet to keep all together while being bounced around in a bag.
Like belt AND suspenders.

Joseph O'Laughlin, 2016-05-07

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