Michael Sampson: Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365

by Volker Weber


I have been reading Michael Sampson's new book "Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365" for a day now, and I will make this easy for you: if you are dealing with Office 365 in any capacity, whether as a competitor, as a future or current Microsoft customer, as a business user or IT professional, then buy this book immediately. It's only $19 for a single copy.

What are you waiting for?

OK, you want to know why. Here is the deal: while most books would look at the plethora of tools in Office 365 and then describe their features, Michael takes a different route. He tells you how to drive certain opportunities. Example? You want to facilitate discussions. There are three major ways to do that with Office 365: Groups, Yammer, Sharepoint. Michael helps you understand the capabilities and how to put them to work.

I like his style. It's almost scientific in that he backs up his assertions with findings from research and case studies. You can take a look if you are still not convinced.

This book is actually not a book. It's a PDF and it is formatted to be read on a 3:4 screen like the iPad. It's typeset in landscape so that you can also read it on your laptop. Instead of buying a single copy, you can also license it for a team, for your company, or for the world. One way or the other, Michael will find a way for you to compensate him for his work.

If you want more than a book, Michael is also available for consulting. And he has designed a workshop covering the same topic as his book.

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Very delighted to see you liked the book. Thanks for the above.

Michael Sampson, 2016-06-01

Great tip Volker, just bought it and already scanned it fast.
I'm going for the full read starting this evening.

Thanks again for the tip!


Frank van Rijt, 2016-06-01

If it is as good as it sounds, that is definitely something that was missing. After being with Microsoft myself, everything around O365 felt natural and given. Now I am working in a non-MSFT company that is leveraging O365 as "normal users" coming from an on-premise world of Microsoft collaboration. Oh my, are my colleagues lost - they did not get any help in transitioning to the cloud and the breadth of O365 features makes it even more difficult. I will give the book a try as well!

Ingo Seifert, 2016-06-01

This sounds very interesting. I am using Office2016 (which is somewhat also Office365) and find that the devil is in the detail - copy / paste a URL from Chrome to Outlook ... paste does not work (Crtl+V) but Edit/Paste and match style does ....

Excel: double click on a tab in the sheet ... you may or may not be able to edit the text.
Modifying a formula ... cursor is not accurately displayed to where the letter that you type will appear.

The whole thing looks much better than the old one, but I have encountered a few more things like that. I know that I have colleagues that go crazy with this type of problems.

And it is a shift to MS. Do not even try to import your OS X adress book with Outlook. Function not forseen. Import neither.

Thomas Nowak, 2016-06-01

You are standing way too close to a tree to make out a forest, I'm afraid. You are talking bugs, not architecture.

Volker Weber, 2016-06-01

I have to agree ... just looking at the bugs makes me feel that I would not want to enter the forest. And that is most likely the mistake. I will have a look at the book to see if I can live with the bugs.

Thomas Nowak, 2016-06-02

Looking at the forrest
Not seeing the falling tree
The funeral was well attended

Stephan H. Wissel, 2016-06-02

Thank you for the hint. Ordered it.

Alexander Kluge, 2016-06-02

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