How is iPad Pro working for you

by Volker Weber

I did not have a single issue with the iPad Pro 9.7. It upgraded to 9.3.2 without any of the issues that forced Apple to take down the upgrade, it never crashed on me, not even once. How is it working for you?


Same experience. Zero problems. It a perfect device.

Andy Brunner, 2016-06-05

Same experience - no issues with the 9.7 or 9.3.2.

Justin Knol, 2016-06-05

It. Just.Works.

Federico Hernandez, 2016-06-05

Zero problems with the iPad Pro 9.7 and iOS 9.3.2.

Frank Köhler, 2016-06-05

Same here, no issues in general, no issues with the latest update.

Michael Schnatmann, 2016-06-05

No issues at all, just works perfectly fine

Oliver Müller, 2016-06-05

Works great here, too, no problems.

Fridolin Koch, 2016-06-05

Perfect here too...very happy!

Colin Williams, 2016-06-05

One or two Springboard crashes per week on 9.3.1. No issues since 9.3.2

Bodo Menke, 2016-06-05

No problems with mine - I manage to deplete the battery at least every two days :o)

Ursus Schneider, 2016-06-05

I have the large one. Using this thing day and night (mostly eMail, Safari, PDF reader and MSFT Office) since it came out. No problems at all, no crashes, nothing. Wonderful machine. Really.

The only issue I have is that Office asks me to re-login and/or re-activate all the time, but this is not related to the iPad I suppose. Perhaps I should be really grateful that I am at least not asked when to install Windows 10 :-/

Peter Daum, 2016-06-05

I also have the large one with the pencil. But even though I am on the beta channel, I have had no issues so far.

I would just wish that you could do more with the pencil.

Mariano Kamp, 2016-06-05

Re: could do more.

On my Galaxy Note 10 from years ago I could use the pencil to input text system wide and could circle content to get it into the clipboard etc. Unfortunately it was a Samsung product, so that the gadget in general sucked and I stopped using it after a few days.

When using the Apple Pencil in One Note I need to physically move pencil to change "tools" in order to get to the eraser, then erase something and change back. And One Note is just an example. Other tools work equally bad. Who designs something like that?

A while back, certainly before we got the Euro, the Palm Pilot or the Newton allowed me to draw a quick squiggly line over something I wanted gone and poof it was gone.

Though I am disappointed I use the pen every day. I learn Math every day, and when doing the exercises writing by hand is so much more efficient than using a keyboard. So the Apple Pencil is valuable to me, just it could be so much more valuable.

Mariano Kamp, 2016-06-05

no issues

Michael Renner , 2016-06-06

Mine works fine. No issues at all. I'm a bit disappointed that it doesn't solve the World's issues and is, in fact, just a very fast iPad.

I bought a Apple Pencil and that works fantastically well too, much better than the JotPro Styli I've tried.

Jason Hook, 2016-06-06

All good here. Also keyboard and pencil work fine.

Erik Ferrari, 2016-06-07

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