Lenovo needs to fix this

by Volker Weber


Tomorrow Lenovo is going to announce new products in San Francisco. You can watch it live on Youtube. And if past Lenovo announcements are any indication, there will be lots and lots of products. Lenovo is a big company and it has swallowed other big businesses, like Motorola.

What I would really welcome is a change in direction. Lenovo pumps out new products and then quickly forgets about them. That's ok for cheap Android media tablets. I mean it's not ok, but that is just the state of the business. But for premium products you have to take responsibility. No crapware, timely software updates are mandatory.

Take the YT3-X90F as an example, also known as Yoga Tab 3 Pro. It still runs on Lollipop, no Marshmallow plans announced, let alone Android N. The security patch level is three months old. Lenovo skipped April and May, and they have yet to deliver June.

You cannot aspire to compete with Apple without proper maintenance.


Many may have the aspiration, but only few want to have the transpiration it takes to succeed in this competition.

Armin Auth, 2016-06-08

I changed my buying behavior a long time ago by buying only (mostly) products the manufactures cares about after selling them to the customer. Some well-known examples: Sonos, AVM, Apple.
The alternative: buy a product, use it until the successor comes out, sell it, buy the successor. In case of missing security updates that's of course not an option.
Since each product's (supported) lifespan is ending at one point in time I have a rule: sell it before the support runs out or keep it indefinitely (without complaining that support has run out).
Personal observation: not that many people have such a rule in place, they tend to collect their outdated gadgets in their basement which is why they need a basement in the first place ;-)

Markus Dierker, 2016-06-09

Volker, you are a lucky YT3 user. I have the YT3 X90L (LTE version) Pro - our patch level is from January. And many many bugs. Lenovo is NOT reacting - their support fourm is full of angry and fedup YT3 pro users, no reaction.
This was definitely my last Tablet from Lenovo!!

Michael Stiastny, 2016-06-09

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