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by Volker Weber

A while ago I advised to offset purchase decisions for Android devices until today. The reason was that I wanted you to see what Lenovo has in store. I knew they were working with Google and my secret hope was that they might show a new Nexus, right after the Google I/O conference.


They didn't do that. Instead they have shown two new devices, the PHAB2 Pro and the Moto Z. PHAB2 means there is/was a PHAB which was never sold here. PHAB2 comes in three flavors, for 199, 299 and 499. The most expensive one is remarkable in that it the first consumer handset with support for Google Tango. That's what they were working on.

Tango is a solution to a problem we don't yet have. A Tango device knows where it is in relation to other objects around it. Just as you know so that you don't bump into walls, countertops or tables. Knowing and learning what is around you opens up new applications in AR (augmented reality). Lenovo has shown some impressive demos that did not resonate with me. For now it seems like a gimmick to impress your friends.


The Moto Z is less ambitions. It's just an incredibly thin device that lets you snap modules to its back. The MotoMods that were shown yesterday were nothing to write home about. A speaker system, a 480p beamer and an extended battery. Lenovo wants to establish a design for years to come, so that mods work with next gen phones as well. The interesting device, the one that you want, is the Moto Z Force with its shatterproof screen and bigger battery. Unfortunately it seems to be a Verizon exclusive for the time being. That makes it a locked and crapware-infested device that you don't want.

If you watched the keynote, you probably missed the most interesting piece (14 minutes into the video): a notebook without physical keyboard. You will read about it here in the future.


Interesting fact is that Moto Z does not have a 3.5mm headphone jack ...

Tobias Zuegel, 2016-06-10

Tango solves the problem(s) posed by Ian Cheng (http://iancheng.com/) in Real Life simulation.

Stefan Hoffmeister, 2016-06-12

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