A few thoughts on the Apple WWDC keynote

by Volker Weber


Great keynote covering all four software platforms Apple has. Watch the 10 minutes summary. A few thoughts:

Biggest takeaway was how well Apple integrates between its devices, again. Shared clipboard between iPhone and Mac for instance. Unlocking your Mac with your watch. Great, great stuff. Did you notice the multi language keyboard, that BlackBerry already has had for years?

One missing link: Xcode on iOS. Swift Playground leads the way.

And as excited as Apple got about iMessage, they might fall in the same trap as BBM did. Messaging has to be cross platform. And with that I mean Windows and Android.

When will people learn not to predict hardware for the developer conference? Apple showed new software, now developers have a go, then Apple will deliver in the fall. With new hardware. Easy, isn't it? And those predicting or demanding a revolution? You still have not figured out chess, have you?


What? There are tabs in finder?

Torsten Hoffmann, 2016-06-14

Same here. I am going to use them frequently ... now that I know of them finally ;-)

Axel Koerv, 2016-06-14

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